Anneleen Swillen

Anneleen Swillen is a postdoctoral researcher and tutor at PXL-MAD School of Arts and Hasselt University in Belgium. She explores jewellery phenomena in a phygital culture through an expanded practice encompassing research in the arts, education, curation, and writing.

With a foundation in Object & Jewellery Design and Curatorial Studies, Anneleen pursued a Ph.D. in the arts. Her dissertation titled ‘THIS PLAY – An Artistic Research on the Interactions Between Jewellery and Presentation’ was successfully defended in 2019. During her doctoral research, she experimented with ‘Show Cases,’ such as performative installations, active archives, and interdisciplinary publications. Through these initiatives, she developed a methodology centered on shared experience as an act of co-creation in jewellery practice.

In 2020, within the context of her postdoctoral research, Anneleen co-founded Artificial Intelligems in collaboration with composer and data engineer Greg Scheirlinckx. This fluid collective currently operates at the intersection of jewellery, data science, graphic design, music, XR-performance, dance, and bio-engineering. Their mission is to connect people, artistic practices, and technologies to explore more-than-human co-creation.

Central to their current work is the investigation of AI’s impact on contemporary craft practices, with a particular emphasis on the domain of jewellery. By working with self-learning algorithms, their goal is to spark novel discussions regarding AI’s role, agency, potential and challenges during processes of  creating, exhibiting, wearing and perceiving jewellery. Their work serves as a catalyst for reevaluating traditional notions of human-centric design, materiality, value, and authorship in the context of contemporary jewellery practice.

Artificial Intelligems engages in participatory projects, performances, experimental presentations, and creative writing to provoke (post-)speculative discourse on collaborating with more-than-human entities, including machine learning, to critically co-create ‘posthuman adornment’.

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