dr. Griet Moors

Griet Moors approaches art from an architect’s sense of space, combining paintings, objects, photographs and prints into situational settings that play with our outlook on the world. Her interest stems from the fact that our gaze cannot be limited to just one object, it is guided through the world by our motion and is given direction from who we are.

For Moors, our gaze – not the canvas or pedestal – is the bearer of the image, as it taps into

numerous conscious and unconscious impressions and experiences.

In her artistic research she analyzes this pictorial mobility, trying to get hold of that ever-changing point of view, that is already inherent of the physical approach of a body moving towards an artwork. Therefore her paintings, objects, digital scans and photographic prints do not stand alone, on the contrary, they open the view to the space around them.

Her temporary arrangements of abstract images and spatial elements give insight into an interdimensional network of colors, lines, forms, directions, light and space. As we pass by and through time, our gaze spreads into not just simultaneous but time-delayed perceptions on the world around us. Moors is interested in translating these multidimensional experiences, looking for a spatial convergence and trying to get a grip of this perspective just at its tipping point.

Griet Moors also works in the Image Analysis team at PXL-MAD School of Arts. In 2019 she obtained a PhD in the arts with her dissertation & exhibition ‘The tipping point as a point of view’, after a master’s degree in painting (PXL-MAD School of Arts) and in architecture (KU Leuven).