Lien Paulissen

The uncontemporary artist-teacher

Lien Paulissen, illustrator and lecturer at the PXL-MAD School of Arts, started this research project in 2021 within the educational master’s program in audiovisual and visual arts.

What does it mean to be an uncontemporary artist-teacher? This pressing question is becoming louder as the field of art education seems increasingly permeated by business-oriented thinking such as competency-based education, the quick adoption of numerous trendy innovations, and the focus on presentation as a crucial aspect of the profession. How does the artist-teacher relate to this?

In this research project, answers are sought through texts, stories, conversations, images and creations, within and around the studio / the art school. Themes like authenticity, empathy, enthusiasm, and the significance of time and workspace are explored in both artistic and pedagogical practice. This is a quest to understand what it means to carve an authentic path through this intriguing and ever-changing landscape of art education.